Consequently, he has arranged fatherly matchmaking which have Scott, Derek, and you may Isaac

Consequently, he has arranged fatherly matchmaking which have Scott, Derek, and you may Isaac

During the early year, Chris is named a “huge, bad Werewolf Hunter, in which he caused it to be clear which he are seriously interested in new Huntsman Password concise in which he accompanied they on letter– eliminating Werewolves and other supernatural animals exactly who slain simple individuals and by using the chance of demise to keep the remainder lined up. Chris, when you’re a typically caring, form, and you can big individual, can feel mean and you may aggressive whenever the requisite, which will be a highly passionate and objective-built child. Up until now, Chris thought that most of the Werewolves was basically evil, also explaining him or her as the “rabid pet one to needed to be set out,” even in the event the guy did proceed with the Code and only killed them if the there’s proof they had spilled simple bloodstream. The guy started initially to resent Gerard and you may Kate because of their constant forget about for the Password, which triggered him to shed regard in their mind each other.

However, over time, he watched his daughter Allison’s connection with Scott McCall, and their friendships with other Werewolves including Derek Hale and Isaac Lahey, and he realized that it had been simple for Werewolves so you’re able to nevertheless enjoys the humanity. With this revelation, he began operating with the McCall Prepare, when he enjoyed which they had been exactly as dedicated to protecting innocent lives regarding the supernatural as he try and you will made a decision to have fun with their Huntsman enjoy to enable them to defend Beacon Slopes.

Eventually after ward, when their child Allison ascended to the character off Argent matriarch and you can altered the Code from “We see individuals who search all of us” to “I cover individuals who never protect themselves,” Chris became happy with how much cash they’d one another changed and you will matured and you can recognized it without a doubt. Whether or not his child along with his partner keeps since passed away, Chris remains serious about Allison’s brand new Code, actually regardless of the push-right back he is acquired in the Calaveras, in which he fades off their way to protect somebody, individual otherwise supernatural, just who needs his assist.


Chris can be described as a tall boy, to 5’10” in height, with a sports and muscle create. He is a good-looking, old boy that have brief, light brownish locks that’s flecked that have gray possesses striking light blue-gray attention. He generally wears casual, standard clothing however if he must fight and likes deep simple colors such as grey, black colored, otherwise navy blue. His normal gown always consists of a beneficial t-top or henley, jeans, footwear, and you will a leather jacket. When he could be preparing for competition, he is constantly outfitted that have numerous guns holstered into their stylish and/otherwise thigh, particularly a-quiver out of arrows to own their crossbow or their .50AE Wasteland Eagle handgun, and then he as well as have a tendency to have an attack rifle strapped to help you his back also the second handgun hidden regarding the waistband regarding their shorts from the short of his back.


Due to their Huntsman knowledge, Chris is a very state-of-the-art combatant who’s skilled both jackd reddit in armed and unarmed handle. He could be a professional regarding tools, owed to some extent so you’re able to their job because an arms specialist, that will be able to choose, assemble/dissemble, and make use of a variety of firearms together with firearms, blades, swords, bows, and arrows, and other melee weapons, and make him such as a formidable adversary he can take his individual from the supernatural although he is already been disarmed, as confirmed during the their struggle with their Werejaguar sis Kate and you will their Berserkers, in addition to his struggle with the latest Ghost Cyclists.

And additionally their combat and guns enjoy, Chris might have been very carefully been trained in almost every other skills vital that you Hunters, particularly to be able to getting away from restraints whenever fastened, simple tips to safety his tracks, one another virtually and metaphorically, and how to manage police and mask their involvement from inside the supernatural-related crimes. He had been shown to eliminate getting bound to a seat of the flinging himself backward and you may crushing the newest settee in order to totally free themselves, and instructed Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, and you can Lydia Martin for you to sit to cops to fund in the supernatural element of Allison’s dying.

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