Alice in Borderland Review

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Adaptation is expected by Netflix for the Shonen of the same name, Alice in Borderland succeeds in translating the universe as violent and wild, and with real actors. Obviously, a lot of westerners are likely to miss the subtleties of these plots, which combine puzzle-solving, human relations, complaints, social, and inner struggles. Why you might ask? Simply because the Japanese code is different from ours.

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The game of actors, modelled on that of the manga, is often hyperbolic, which may lead viewers to win. The direction of the actors is to match, as some frames with epilepsy. Add to that a doubling in French catastrophic, as often with Netflix, which should make you prefer the original version, much better. Once we get past these barriers, Alice in Borderland is a true success.

Totally addictive, this first season sets up the central characters of the plot, with a cynicism very Nippon. It follows, therefore, Arisu, an otaku from a middle-class family and his two friends Chota and Karube, which are projected in a Tokyo alternative, emptied of its inhabitants, where survival is going through lethal games. Placed somewhere between the Battle Royale, American Nightmare, the Cube, and Hunger Games, Alice in Borderland is a stress relief enjoyable, intellectual, and terrifying. As of the episodes, the trio will meet people that will change her life, especially that of Arisu.

Thus, one discovers the charismatic characters, such as the enigmatic Shuntarô, especially well-camped by an actor in nuance, but also the small bomb athletic that is Usagi, which quickly becomes allied with Arisu. The gallery of characters is pretty thorough and complex, which can confuse the viewer and the push to think about it.

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We can, however, be surprised if a few liberties were taken with the plot of the sixteen volumes of the manga that I prefer not to reveal here, and some of the changes in the character of some characters including the Chota, much soberer than in the shonen where it appears as a boy, vulgar, who thinks only of s*x. Netflix requires, all this is passed over in silence, even if the series is forbidden to those under 16 years of age… We wonder why. In any case, this is absolutely not for the s*x scenes, almost absent, and instead suggested. The American influence.

More subtle than it seems, this series plunges us into the depths of the human soul. Some of the figures, therefore, show their blackness and their cowardice, while others prefer to save lives. Alice in Borderland takes us on a quest story that sees Arisu and his friends change their character, facing trials terrifying, and growing closer to each other, or away from their loved ones.

Appearances are often deceptive, and the story does not hesitate to address contemporary issues, such as rejection by their families of transgender people, the social maladjustment of the young, amoral entities, s*x addiction, promotion sofa… all this in a mise en abyme of the video game that raises the question of the disconnection from reality. The outcome of this first season suggests a sequel particularly amazing.