Ginny & Georgia 2021 Review

Ginny & Georgia 2021
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I’ve watched this series with very few expectations other than to relax without any headaches. After the first episode, I was really excited. And I watched the entire series in one fell swoop. So why 5? Bah sorry, but frankly there are far too many flaws for me ! Good, let’s start with the positive. Austin is a super character of the child.

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I want to start with him because the children in the series, can quickly become a horror to our nerves (hello Henry from OUAT). It is very much affected by the life of his family and especially by the absence of his father, in prison. Her mother has created a small universe around Harry Potter so it could support all that and it works (for a time).

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It is touching to see this character evolve from its small magical world to the harsh reality and cold of life.I took the opportunity to move on to Georgia. It is frivolous, calculator, funny, and intrusive, but it is first and foremost a mother. And what a mother! She could do absolutely everything for his children, but then really everything.

We can see that what she wants is that them to be happy, safe and fulfilled in spite of all the family problems that they were able to meet. We will also explore his childhood as the series and see all its decisions with the mother as a result (the best as the worst, but then really the worst).

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The last character that I want to tackle in the positive, is Maxine. It is nice to see his evolution and his discovery of love. It is touching in its simplicity. So now the negative… Already, I would like to talk about relationships of Ginny. This is a disaster. As for Hunter, but also to Marcus.

It is necessary to stop these relationships are not dreaming at all. We wanted to give a false air of bad boy Marcus: Total Failure. It is without relief, without interest, I just see a card really weird. In addition, I am heartbroken, but for me, the acting of Felix Mallard is really bad.

Hunter is supposed to be the guy the more popular in the school, he is dancing in the halls to his girlfriend. It is simply annoying. Suddenly, we hang on to any of the stories, and it does not fit at all in our feelings for Ginny. Besides, Ginny let’s talk about it. It’s really difficult to stay hooked on this character.

I have quickly enough stopped me interested in it because nothing is really developed, and most of all, I find that it quickly becomes unbearable in its behaviour. They try to make us understand that it is very close to his brother, but at what time do we really see him? When his brother is the more evil it is focused on its little problems in love (which, I repeat, does not work in this scenario).

Even the big problem of Ginny and the fact that it is made of evil is simply rolled over. This is not the only one for which the problem is over, and it is also a big concern that I have. Abby has issues with his body, Marcus has lost his best friend, and Ginny is hurt… So much so profound and important that is simply mentioned from time to time here and there in between a scene with a tap and a scene falsely romantic with Marcus.

So okay this is only the first season and everything will surely be developed in a possible sequel. But I was really embarrassed that this is done so forgettable. Ah yes! And I’ve always hated Ginny in the last episode. But then really. Nothing justifies it.

It is about a young girl from a 15-year-old bar with his little brother on a motorcycle with a big bag. No, but the level of danger of the boy, is on what kind of delirium, in fact. So I understand very well, she suffers, she is lost, she wants to escape from his mother… But he is supposed to want to protect his brother, there is no matter what.

Finally here, this is a series full of good intentions, that look quick and that maintain its hold by the character of Georgia, but miss on too many things for it to be successful.