Queen Love and War Season 1 Episode 1-16 Download

Queen Love and War Season 1
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Kang Eun-gi (Jin Se-yeon) becomes the Queen of Joseon. During their Wedding Day Parade, Eun-gi and Lee Kyung (Kim Min-kyu) are ambushed and shot by assassins. Both Royals are assumed to have been killed, however, the night after the bullet is removed from the king’s head and he is laid to rest under the guard of the priestesses the dead king resurrects while Kang Eun-gi’s twin sister, Kang Eun-bo is acting under the guise of an assistant to the Chief Priestess to gain answers about the murderers. Assuming the Kings death the Great Queen Dowager Min (Jung Ae-ri) is presented with a candidate for a new King by the Left State Minister, Jo Heung-Gyeon (Lee Jae-yong) who embarks immediately to retrieve the exiled Prince Lee Jae-Hwa (Do Sang-woo). Upon their return to the palace, the Left State Minister and Prince are both shocked and angry to learn that the king is still alive and recovering but cover it well and go their separate ways. The father of the dead queen, Kang Yi-Soo (Lee Ki-young) due to the politics in the palace is accused of treason after having been discovered for writing the Theory of Enlightenment and indoctrinating his daughter. Lee Kyung doesn’t believe the conspiracy and attempts to save Kang Yi-Soo with a secret jailbreak that ends up ruined by another member of the court. Kang Yi-Soo swears his loyalty to Lee Kyung in the end and chooses to accept the sentence of death by hanging to save Lee Kyung from any further political battle. Unable to find the Queen’s murderers in time or clear their father’s name Kang Eun-Bo is helpless to watch in the crowd of spectators, Kang Yi-soo notices her in the crowd in his final moments and smiles at her. Taking a chance at revenge Eun-Bo goes to Kang Yi-Soos closest friend and the only person outside their family who knew about the twin daughters, Baek Ja-Yong (Um Hyo-sup) she recklessly demands to know of any way to kill the king. He takes her in to recover from her grief and later reveals Kang Yi-Soo’s vision to her and promises that he will help Eun-Bo see her mother again if she can help him take revenge on the king for the death of her father. Longing to see her last remaining family she agrees and becomes caught in the middle of discovering who is responsible for the death of her sister and father. The palace begins to look for a new queen for Lee Kyung to calm down unrest in the court and any rumors concerning the king’s behavior after his resurrection. With anger and determination to find the mastermind behind the murder of her twin sister, Eun-bo participates in the selection under the name Hong-yeon, daughter of Gyeong-gi Governor Hong Ki-ho. The closer they get to each other Lee Kyung begins to have vivid dreams, precognition due to which he is able to predict what may happen to Eun-bo in the near future. What does the palace hold for Eun-bo? Will she be able to win the selection and capture the assassins?

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Queen In Hyun’s Man Season 1 Episode 1-16 Download

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Queen Love and War Season 1 Episode 1-16 Download

Season 1

Episode 16 (END)