Terrifier 2 Review

Terrifier 2
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On the sixth day, God created the Clown Antonet, Pipo, Bario, Paul, Albert, and François Fratellini, Little Walter, Footit and Chocolat, Grock… on The seventh day, he had to rest so he was still laughing !


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The clown and the girl

Terrifier 2 written, produced and directed by Damien Leone is a slasher radicalism without equality, in which we find Art the Clown evil. Between Damien Leone and Art, the Clown is a true love story of evil. An adventure that began in 2008 with the short film “The 9th Circle”, in which the clown makes a first appearance. In the same year, the filmmaker devotes a short film entitled “Terrifier”, as he joined in 2013 his first feature film which presents a series of short films about clowns’ killers: “All Hallows’ Eve”. Officially kick off in 2016, the drifting death of the clown of the underworld, with the first movie devoted entirely to Art the Clown: “Terrifier”.

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A small production full of ambition driven by the determination of a man “Damien Leone”, will find success with this work to the point of dedicating a result. If Terrifier the first of that names was first and foremost a work of form, with “Terrifier 2” the filmmaker is trying to work out the background.

A path set up in the wake of criticism about its first film, which he blamed on a lack of narration. An account of silliness, since the lack of narration, was one of the strengths of the film. A story that was going fast and there was no moment of respite for the viewer. An audience who was crushed by a history that is oh-so-enigmatic and mysterious which he had few answers to. Here, we are going to try to fill this gap by adding a maximum of narration for a film that is going to become excessively long.

For a duration of 138 minutes, we find ourselves immersed in a tale of the evil that is struggling to keep on distance. This leads to holes in the rhythm, to which the filmmaker will try to respond by incorporating a few scenes of massacres. If the intention is good, the first half of the story is haunting. At this point, we embark on a false pace which breaks our momentum.

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It wasn’t until the second half of the story to finally be fully embedded by this piece of barbarism”. A work sick, contaminated, creepy, spooky, funny, brutal, bloody, machiavellian, and gore. A theatre of horrors. A show that opts for the excess, and takes it to 100%. Sensitive soul, you’re clearly not up to your place.

Terrifier 2 offers a journey that is aggressive, excessive, outrageous, and psychotic and gives no place to morals. In exchange, he overwhelms us with an accumulation of sequences steep and nasty. Sessions of torture, unforgiving. Mental confusion insane obsession and perverse. A perversion of the image is expertly brought by the cinematography of George Steuber ally to the camera of Damien Leone and does not spare us any details.

Attested by a sequence of neurosis in which a poor teenager finds himself a victim of the clown that will make him live a nightmare. A haunting schizophrenic for several long and gruelling minutes, where the poor girl (still conscious) is cut in pieces under the horrified eyes of his mother. Sadistic conduct which is the salt of this slasher to the old one that evokes horror through know-how to the former.

A form returning to the engineering designs practices of costumes and make-up on interesting backdrops. An excellent work which, combined with the musical composition of the duo “Rostislav Vaynshtok – Paul Wiley”, will condition an atmosphere of doom and gloom sickly.

As a result of many sequences crazy as in the famous nightmare Sienna Shaw (Lauren LaVera). A glamorous scene malaise which of course turns on a mass execution barbarian. A Sienna Shaw that will illustrate such an iconic figure of heroic fantasy in the course of a final fully what the fuck. A conclusion that sends le logic to immerse ourselves in a universe of psychedelic psychosis. A trip hallucinogen that surprisingly manages not to fall into the meanders of the z series.

The clown stands the imbecility to the level of item It will prompt you to do what you want, as you want, only on the condition that it is pleasing to the public.

A component of spooky visceral that we owe to the appropriation “supernatural” of the story. If in the first Terrifier, you thought that Art was just a psychopath dressed as a clown; the final took into something much less down-to-earth. An element with which the filmmaker will cleverly play to this result by entering definitively the saga in a metaphysical concept fantastic.

A nod to titles such as “Halloween” by John Carpenter or “Friday the 13th” by Sean S. Cunningham, who started on a serial killer “human” that inevitably ended up being supernatural. A component with which Leone will cleverly play to lay mythology to its clown killer. A legend necromancer where our Pierrot evil is accompanied by a deity’s diabolical clown represented by a little girl. The confession of the director, Art had not realized that he would come back to life before being shot in the head.

Damien Leone: “It wasn’t just this evil force or anything that brought him back. I wanted it to be a character. So, initially, this character was always going to be a little girl scary to represent this demon, perhaps even Satan himself. We will explore this more later.”

Information is extremely important, which suggests that he owes his supernatural abilities to the deity of evil clown. An entity of evil scary that before the massacre perpetrated by Art, had to think of him as a foal with the potential therefore to take him under his wing. The sequence of the laundry is, therefore, the first time it shows the following. Two characters, the evil offering a duo claim scope : “the clown and the girl “.

David Howard Thornton is once again Terrifieringly depicted as vile Art the Clown. Thornton offers a performance demented through a face-to-do fall out of the heads. With his evil face that he brightens up with exaggerated facial expressions by taking breaks unexpected that destabilize the spectator, Art assumes his new status iconic film of genre horror. A psychopath that leaves them completely carried away by the madness. So well that he drew on him the attention of a divine entity evil clown nicknamed: “the Little Pale Girl”. Embodied with efficiency by the young actress “Amelie McLain”, Little Pale Girl presents itself as the acolyte miniature Art, she has graced the power of immortality.

It is an important addition to the mythology of Terrifiering and will be of paramount importance in the next instalment. Can’t wait to explore it. If the first Terrifier had had the brilliant idea of not drawing up the main characters in order to maintain an angst standing around the survival of the latter, here the filmmaker chooses to do the opposite. Actress Lauren LaVera, under the features of Sienna Shaw, stands as the ultimate bulwark in front of the murderous madness of Art. The minimize of it is remarkable.

A particular focus of the filmmaker who tries to make Lauren LaVera, the new “Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode or “Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott. The manoeuvre is still possible in a suit because it leaves a good memory of his passage with his dress, alluring and badass. LaVera is accompanied by the young actor Elliott Fullam, who embodies “Jonathan Shaw”, his little brother. A character is ambiguous, which suggests a side psychopath repressed. The rest of the cast is quite good but they are nothing more than cannon fodder for the clown psychopath cannibal.



Terrifier 2 written, produced and directed by Damien Leone, is a result of relentless, which contains a mythology necromancer to the new figure film emblematic of evil ” Art the Clown “. A slasher radical of a technical feat, striking around with costumes and makeup, which make more real than nature executions barbarians. A train is of horror machiavellian that despite the holes of pace and the tone shifted the finishing manages to make a movie almost unique of its kind. A sacred piece that clearly is going to divide.

The saga Terrifier the art and practice of designing completely free in the hands of his creator, who can indulge in what he wants. The true cinema!

That grime his sadness, in fardant his face to a smile, is a clown who don’t know.

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