The Scholar Who Walks the Night Season 1 Episode 1-20 Download

The Scholar Who Walks the Night Season 1
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Set in an alternate Joseon dynasty, Jo Yang-sun (Lee Yu-bi) is the daughter of a nobleman whose family loses everything when her father is framed for treason. To make ends meet, Yang-sun begins cross-dressing as a male bookseller and meets the handsome and mysterious scholar Kim Sung-yeol (Lee Joon-gi), who works at the Hongmungwan. Kim Sung-yeol has spent 120 years as a guardian vampire who is responsible for getting rid of any vampire who disobeys the rules. As a guardian vampire, he is able to go out in sunlight as long as he wears his special black robe. Sung-yeol continues to be haunted by the long-ago death of his first love, Lee Myung-hee (Kim So-eun), who sacrificed herself for him 120 years ago. Sung-yeol decides to pay Yang-sun a high price if she is able to find the memorandum of his best friend, the late Crown Prince Jonghyun, which contains the secret to killing Gwi (Lee Soo-hyuk) and avenge the death of his family and lover. After the second meeting with Yang-sun, Sung-yeol finds out that Yang-sun is a girl. However, he decides to keep it as a secret to avoid awkwardness with Yang-sun. Yang-sun tries very hard to find the memorandum as she promised since she also needs money to cure her sister’s leg.

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On a trip to find the old book seller from Yuan with Yang-sun, Sung-yeol meets Choi Hye-ryung, Myung-hee’s present-day doppelgänger who is an aloof nobleman’s daughter. Hye-ryung’s father is a Right Minister of the king. He has the highest authority in the king’s court compared to other ministers. He has also been loyally serving Gwi for a long time. In order to prove his loyalty, he even sacrificed Hye-ryung when she was 10 years old to become Gwi’s food toy. However, due to her loyalty and gentle treatment towards Gwi, he has unconsciously fallen in love with Hye-ryung and secretly plans to change her into a vampire, even though he already has 100% control of the royal court. Gwi resides in the underground royal palace and uses his powers and political machinations to prevent Crown Prince Lee Yoon (Shim Chang-min) from ascending to the throne, as he knows that Crown Prince Lee Yoon is secretly planning to get rid of him like his late ancestor, Crown Prince Jonghyun.

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The Scholar Who Walks the Night Season 1 Episode 1-20 Download

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